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Respite and Support for Carers

We believe that respite support services mean a better quality of life for person cared for and less stress and work for carers.


Caring for someone is a rewarding experience. It can also be tiring and emotionally challenging.


If you are caring for an elderly person who needs help with various tasks at home or in the community, our In-Home Respite services can offer support, opportunity to have a break and have time to look after yourself. It also offers person you care for the opportunity to participate in variety of social activities.


If you are caring for someone with dementia we offer culturally and linguistically appropriate respite and support services. Our staff understands needs of person you care for and can assist you to understanding changes in their behaviours.


Polish Respite and Carers Support Service (PRCSS)


PRCSS provides individually tailored, flexible in-home respite services, with aim to offer carers help and break from caring and extra social opportunities for the person cared for.


Who do we help?
Carer of frail person aged 65+, person with dementia and/or challenging behavior due to dementia.
Priority of access to this program have carers of people from Polish and Eastern European background, e.g. Ukrainian, Czech, Slovak, Russian, Hungarian, Serbian-, etc.


Who is a carer?
Carer is a person who provides personal care, support and assistance to a dependent person due to their disability, medical condition (including terminal or chronic illness), mental illness, or frailty due to age. It can be a family member, partner, friend or neighbour who provides this support without payment. A pension or benefit is not considered to be payment for the caring role. There is no citizenship, residency or specific visa restrictions on accessing the respite service under NRCP.


How are the services delivered?
To access our respite program, there is no need to have an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) assessment. After receiving referral, our Respite Coordinator will meet with the carer and the person cared for to talk about what their needs are. Based on this assessment, respite support plan will be developed. The main focus of this plan will be how to best support the carer and person needing care.


Respite is delivered in the carer and/or care recipient’s home by bi-lingual support workers who are able to meet cultural and linguistic needs of Polish and Eastern European consumers.


Our Respite Coordinators and Direct Care Workers are qualified professionals who are trained to understand the needs of consumers from culturally and linguistically diverse background.


What respite services are delivered under PRCSS?
Our respite services are flexible and can be delivered in variety of forms and settings:

  • In – home day respite to enable carer to go out, meet friends, have a rest , while our care staff looks after person cared for

  • Assistance in everyday caring tasks and other tasks regularly performed by carer

  • Individual and group, planned outing during which persons cared for accompanied by our support staff

  • Short term emergency day respite

  • Access to information about services and support for a carer or for person cared for

  • Other flexible forms of respite as needed by the carer: e.g. overnight respite, emergency respite, extended hours respite for working carers


Currently we also organise regular group social outings for persons cared for:

  • Planned group outings (calendar of outings will depend on the number of interested participants)

Carer can participate in outings together with person cared for


How much does it cost?
Carers are asked to pay small contributions towards the costs of respite care.

We have a fee schedule which is reviewed annually. Individual circumstances of carer and/or person cared for will be taken into account when negotiating level of contribution.


Respite care services will not be denied to people who are financially disadvantaged.


Where do we operate?
PRCSS operates in the following Local Government Areas:

Ashfield, Auburn, Bankstown , Baulkham Hills, Blacktown, Blue Mountains, Burwood, Camden, Campbelltown, Canterbury, Castle Hill, Concord, Drummoyne, Fairfield, Hawkesbury Holroyd, Leichhardt, Liverpool, Marrickville, Parramatta, Penrith i Strathfield – LGAs.


For more information about National Respite for Carers Program visit My Aged Care website:


Polish Respite and Carer Support Service is funded by the Australian Government, Department of Social Services under National Respite for Carers Program


Polish Carers Support Group
Easier Together!
Carers do not always have opportunity to find time in their busy schedule for social contact and meeting other carers. Attending Carers Group is the platform for carers to come to together discuss their problems, socialise, share information and offer each other support Polish Carers Support provides such opportunity for carers of Polish background living in Metropolitan Sydney.


Polish-Australian Welfare Association in partnership with Bankstown Multicultural Health Service coordinates Carers Support Group people of Polish background caring for frail aged, disabled person or someone suffering from memory loss.


Our Carers group provide an opportunity for carers to:

  • Share experiences and give mutual support.

  • Receive information on health and legal issues, as well as information regarding other available support services.

  • Develop self-help skills and learn strategies how to best care for people with dementia.

  • Gain knowledge about other topics as needed by group members.


Who can participate?
Carers of Polish background living in Metropolitan Sydney


Who is a carer?
A carer is a family member, a friend or a person who provides ongoing support and care to another person without financial benefit (except for Carers Allowance and Carers Payment). Carers don’t have to be Australian citizens or have a permanent visa.


When and where the group meet?
Polish Carers Support Group meets bi-monthly for 2- 3 hours in Ashfield or Bankstown. Contact group coordinator to obtain calendar of meetings


How to register participation?
To register your interest in attending the group contact group coordinators:
PAWA Community Care
Phone: (02) 9716 0036

Bankstown Multicultural Health Service Polish Ethnic Health Worker

Phone: (02) 9780 2809


Referrals and more information:
Tel: (02) 9716 0036
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Polish Carers Support Group is a joint Project of Polish- Australian Welfare Association funded by Australian Government under National Respite for Carers Program and Bankstown Multicultural Health Service South Western Sydney Local Health District.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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